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RESTful Web Services with Scala pdf

RESTful Web Services with Scala. Jos Dirksen

RESTful Web Services with Scala

ISBN: 9781785289408 | 168 pages | 5 Mb

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RESTful Web Services with Scala Jos Dirksen
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited

In the future, Play framework will use spray as http server instead of netty, All web frameworks are not stateless by default (LIFT for example). (a more actively curated list of Scala libraries is: Awesome Scala). You can find an old one on Play, some on Scalatra and I even started an (as of yet actorOf(Props[SJServiceActor], "sj-rest-service") // IO requires an implicit ActorSystem, and Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio API: Filters. Spring-labs/gs-rest-service-complete-scala/. Out how to create integration tests for RESTful service on the example of application shown in the article Building REST service with Scala. Slides from my talk the Scala DC Meetup on Jan 15th 2014. When you create a module for developing a RESTful WebService, you can have sample code of the server side generated. Project includes: starting standalone HTTP server, handling simple file-based JSON entities to Scala's case classes, marshaling Scala's case classes to manager or you can use Postman REST Client in your browser. Ported Getting Started Guide for REST web service to Scala. Not part of the typesafe stack, and we also needed to build a web admin console, so play Separate enqueue and de-queue in to dedicated API Server instances.

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